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Milly Jam 2016

Just announced is this year’s Milly Jam on the 21st May 2016. Full details can be found here

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Milly Jam 2014

Yes we’re on again – Milly Jam is back on the 17th May 2014 courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood regulars with the backing of Friends of Millhouses Park. Thanks very much to all those people doing their bit to make this happen.

Plan is pretty much the same as last year but if it rains Onboard have offered to host us so we don’t have to try and delay until the weekend after.

Registration will be 10am onwards at the skate park

Rough Plan from then (timings very approximate):
11.00 – Scooter Jam
11.30 – Pre-teen Skateboard
12.00 – Pre-teen bmx/bike
12-2pm – High hop/Ollie
2.00 – Teens Skateboard
2.30 – Teens bmx/bike
3.00 – Teen+ Skateboard
3.30 – Teen+ bmx/bike

– Joel Culf on the mic for BMX
– Will Lester’s on the mic for skate with some help when he needs to
– James Folkes is on sound/pa system with help from Ed Astill
– Toby J will be handling registration duties
– Prizes: We’ll be begging for prizes from all the local businesses who have provided us with such good support in the past: The House, Slugger, Lives & Levels, Waller BMX, Bike Tree, J E James & Onboard. Plus, The Skateboard School are lending us their support this year.
– The comp has finished for this year’s Limited edition T-shirt design which we’ll sell to to help cover costs and hopefully raise funds towards further improvements to the skate park
– St John’s first aiders will be on hand in case you scuff your knees

See you there!


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Milly Jam 2013 a HUGE Success!

Milly Jam 2013 was a massive success! Thank you to all who came along to enjoy the day!

The results of the competition are:


1st Oliver Fletcher

2nd Luke Frost

3rd Joe Thorpe


Under 14 Skateboard

1st – Barnaby Conroy

2nd – Sol Conroy

3rd – Olivier Bikoumou


Under 14 BMX

1st – Arek Tatulinksi

2nd – Jay Green (+Best trick)

3rd – Ed Sweeney


High hop – flat

Joe Prestwood


High Ollie – Flat

Did not run (but we know it would be Will Lester)


High Hop – Bank

Dan Bellamy


High Ollie – Bank

Will Lester


14-18 Skate

1st – Jay Bex

2nd – Marcus Keaveney

3rd – Joe Keaveney



14-18 BMX

1st – Dan Bellamy (+Best trick)

2nd – Michael Roper

3rd – Madison Hay

Best trick – Oliver Simpson


Over 18 Skate

1st – Shaun Currie

2nd – Will Lester

3rd – Jake Wainwright


Over 18 BMX

1st – Ross Jarman

2nd – Chris Fairest

3rd – Harry

Best Trick – Bobby Skinn, BUD BMX Streetest – Brandon Steele


Credits & Thanks

All the skaters, riders and everyone who came to watch

Waller BMX, Bike Tree, J E James & BUD BMX for BMX prizes

The House, Slugger & Lives & Levels for skate prizes

The House for Scooter prizes

Custom Built Extensions for the cash & Onboard for the vouchers

James Folkes – PA/Sound System, High Jump & Trophy engineer

Ed Astill – PA/Sound system

Toby Jenkinson – Registration & fixer

Cath & Cass – T-shirt sales/child minders

Josh Bedford & Wisdom Print Makers – T shirt design & print

Joe Ward/Smalley– 2013 logo

Sam Ward – BMX trophies & Marley’s Mellow Mood

Joel Culf MC & BMX judging

Will Lester on the Mic & skate judging

June Burke at Sheffield City Council

Friends of Millhouses Park

Everyone else who pitched in to make it an amazing day


Milly Jam 2014 anyone?

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Milly Jam 2012 Results


1st Luke Frost

2nd Oliver Meads

3rd Oliver Steez Fletcher

Under 12 Skateboard

1st – Matthew Bikoumou

2nd – Harrison Hague

3rd – Matt Gray

Under 12 BMX

1st – Elliot Beeden

2nd – Edward Sweeney

3rd – George Spivey

High hop – flat

Tom Kilcoyne

High Ollie – Flat

Will Lester

High Hop – Bank

Sam Ward

High Ollie – Bank

Will Lester

12-18 Skate

1st – Will Lester

2nd – Jack Wainwright

3rd – Jay Bex

Best trick – Will Lester’s Ollie over the back rail

12-18 BMX

1st – Jamie Shipston

2nd – Jack Wordsworth

3rd – Dan Bellamy

Over 18 Skate

1st – Shaun Currie

2nd – Rowan Murray

3rd – Steve Watson

Over 18 BMX

1st – Ross Jarman

2nd – Jordan Waters

3rd – Lloyd Jones

Best Trick – Oggie’s 3rd way out ‘the park

Credits & Thanks

All the competitors & spectators

Bike Tree, Simple Skate Store, The House Skatepark, Slide Boardstore, Slugger Skate Shop, J E James & Edinburgh Bikes, Custom Built and SW Community Assembly for prizes

James Folkes – PA/Sound System, High Jump & Trophy engineer

Eds Astill – PA & Recycle Bike Doctor

Toby Jenkinson – Registration & fixer

Joe Ward – 2012 T-shirt design, Scooter & High hop/ollie trophies

Sam Ward – BMX trophies, dedication & Marley’s Mellow Mood

House Rob for support, loan of the generator & judging with Joe 90

Tom Blyth for making the trip over to judge BMX

Joel Culf ON THE MIC! & BMX judging

Will ‘Oh my God’ Lester on the Mic & skate judging

Jason Bamford, Tom Peters, Tom Kilcoyne, Steve Watson & Jamie Shipston – input & support

Ross Karime on the Mic

Kate Stow & Friends of Millhouses Park – funding and support

June Burke at Sheffield City Council

Matthew Rush & Tammy Barrass at Sheffield Community Assembly

Everyone else who pitched in to make it an amazing day

Bring on Milly Jam 2013!

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Milly Jam 2012!

A HUGE success this year – and what amazing weather! Here’s some photos from the event…

About 1000 attendees at Milly Jam encouraged the riders from 11 am though until 5 pm – check this video by Jack James Higgins…

(Whilst we do our best to ensure that external links are suitable for you to visit we remind you that we have no control over the content of other websites)

Another huge success and our thanks go to Geoff Hibbard and his team who organise the event … perhaps in time for next year his voice will be back!

Results will be posted here later in the week – watch this space!

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Milly Jam 2012

Click HERE for photos of this year’s event!

Milly Jam this year is on 26th May!

Free Entry from 10am

Skate/ride in small groups – no pressured individual runs

11am Scooters and Under 12 Skate and BMX

12:30 High Hop/Ollie

2pm 12-18+ Skate and BMX

Check the SKATE page for full details (PDF).

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Sheffield Star Cycleway Article

The Sheffield Star has published a great article on our new Kid’s Cycleway! See what you think – click here!
The article was also printed on the front page of the Gazette this week – so some decent coverage. The cycleway has certainly been getting some good use since Christmas – it seems that lots of children got bikes this year!

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Cycleway and Gym Now Officially Open!

Today saw the grand opening of the Children’s Cycleway and Outdoor Gym. Hundreds turned up on this glorious November day to see Sid Sloane from CBeebies and the Lord Mayor Cllr Dr Sylvia Dunkley open our fantastic new attraction.

The soup and delicious ginger cake provided by the Pudding Ladies from Millhouses Park Cafe went down a treat and the Kids loved seeing Sid!

The Cycleway is the latest in a long list of facilities funded by the Friends – and there’s much more to come too! Millhouses Park truely is THE destination park in Sheffield!

Don’t forget to vote for us at ENERGYSHARE and at TRIP ADVISOR! Here are some pictures from the day…

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Milly Jam Results!

After a week of solid weather-watching, the BBC forecasted a largely dry day for 11th June so we locked ourselves in for the 2011 Milly Jam and prepared for some great British summer showers.

The Jam was the product of some fantastic team-work by skate park regulars & their friends with the support of Friend of Millhouses Park and Sheffield City Council and Parks. It was a loose-format, free-entry, skate & bmx competition with the focus on fun for all ages. Local skate and bike shops provided prizes and funding from the SW Community Assembly covered the cost of trophies, first aiders etc.

Estimates put the total number of attendees throughout the day near to the 1,000 mark, we had over 60 entrants and raised over £100 from sales of T-shirts featuring Izaac Cruickshank’s Jam Jar design. This will be used to start a fund for further improvements to the skate park.

Forecasts proved alarmingly accurate with a thorough soaking just before the start of the comp. Locals rallied to find brushes and the standing water was soon cleared to set the stage for an awesome afternoon.

12 and under skate and bmx sessions proved what great talent we’ve got coming through. Will Lester picked up the mic duties and judging for the skate session with input from Ravenous/Slugger skater Joe Marks to find a clear winner in Oliver Appleyard.

Former-Sheffield resident and pro bmxer, Tom Blyth showed his support for the event by making the trip down from Hull to judge BMX with Joel Culf on the mic. Theo Warden picked up the trophy for 12 and under bmx.

Tom Peter’s superbly crafted high-jump poles were rolled out when another shower saw us heading for the cover of the trees. No one could touch Will Lester’s pop on the skateboard and nothing could separate Jordan Waters and Sean O’Connell at a massive 1.05m.

13-16 Skate was a hard-fought contest with Jake Wainwright winning out in the end. Jamie Shipston locked-in grinds and tricks all over the park to pick up 1st in BMX.

Will Lester passed over skateboard judging and mic duties to the lads from The House to compete in the 17 and over category. A four-man final was needed to settle on a result which saw Will deservedly carry away the trophy.

The sound of jaws dropping around the park could be heard above James Folkes’ sound system* during the 17 and over BMX sessions

(*In the capable hands of Ed & Ash from Re-Cycle Rides). Ross Jarmen wowed the crowds, finding two alternative exits from the park to pick up 3rd place behind Jordan Waters and Shayn Steels.

Shayn blew minds again in the bmx high hop out of the bank – floating a massive 360 over the high bar and landing with barely a sound. It was Tom Wier who took the prize though with a 1.75m banger and Will Lester cleaned up in the skate category at 1.05m.


Pictures from John Brighton:

1. Crowd shot 1

2. Crowd shot 2

3. Trophies

Pictures from Izaac Prados (More and a possible dvd to follow from Matt Van Elkan)

4. Joel Culf on the mic

5. Jamie Shipston on his way to 13-16 BMX 1st

6. Jake Wainwright – 13-16 Skate 1st

7. Ross Jarman’s 2nd exit from the park

8. Tom Peters puts his height poles to the test

Click here for a full breakdown of the results: Milly Jam results

Credits & Thanks

All the competitors & spectators

Bike Tree, Slide Boardstore, The House Skatepark, Slugger Skate Shop, J E James & Edinburgh Bikes for prizes

Izaac Cruickshank – Jam Jar design

Tom Peters – High jump Engineer

James Folkes, Ed & Ash from Re-Cycle for the sound system

Matt Van Elkan & Izaak Prados for photography & film

Rob & The House for advice, support, loan of the generator & judging

Ed & Ash for the Re-Cycle Bike Doctor clinic

Tom Blyth for judging & great support of the event

Joel Culf & Will Lester on the mic

Amie Rowland & June Burke at Sheffield City Council

Kevin Cheetham at Sheffield Parks

Tammy Barrass and SW Community Assembly for the funding

Tamsin at Ecclesall Saw Mill for the trophies

Everyone else who pitched in to make it an amazing day

See you again next year for Milly Jam 2012!

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Milly Jam a Great Success!

Milly Jam Saturday 11th June 2011

On the afternoon of Saturday 11th June a new event, MillJam, came to Millhouses Park – a festival for Skate Boards and BMX Bikers in the Skate Park organised by Geoff Hibberd. It was well attended with between 700 & 1000 participants and observers throughout the afternoon. Everyone was entertained by good music, celebrity riders and local businesses.

Despite a few showers the park was kept dry and safe enabling the much practiced tricks to be cutting edge and spectacular – as were some of the failures!

Huge congratulations to Geoff Hibberd and his team for the organisation before and during the day and similar praise for all those taking part. Thanks also to the Community Assembly for helping fund the event, Sheffield Events for adopting the event, First Aiders on standby and all the days sponsors!

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