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Cycleway and Gym Now Officially Open!

Today saw the grand opening of the Children’s Cycleway and Outdoor Gym. Hundreds turned up on this glorious November day to see Sid Sloane from CBeebies and the Lord Mayor Cllr Dr Sylvia Dunkley open our fantastic new attraction.

The soup and delicious ginger cake provided by the Pudding Ladies from Millhouses Park Cafe went down a treat and the Kids loved seeing Sid!

The Cycleway is the latest in a long list of facilities funded by the Friends – and there’s much more to come too! Millhouses Park truely is THE destination park in Sheffield!

Don’t forget to vote for us at ENERGYSHARE and at TRIP ADVISOR! Here are some pictures from the day…


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New Cycle Track, Oak Avenue and Outdoor Gym Opening

We are pleased to invite you all to the official opening of the new Children’s Cycle Track, Oak Avenue and Outdoor Gym on Sunday 27th November at 12:30.

The new facilities will be opened by The Lord Mayor (Cllr Dr Sylvia Dunkley) and with a special guest appearance by Sid Sloane from CBEEBIES who is taking time out from his panto rehearsals to join us.

This area of the park, for so long a bare, unsightly and unused patch of crumbling tarmac where the old playground once stood, has been transformed, in partnership with Sheffield City Council, into an exciting and vibrant exercise and recreation area for young and old alike.

Consultation with skate park users, other park users, schools and youth groups highlighted a need for these amenities and at the same time the opportunity was taken to fell the row of poplar trees which had been declared unsafe, and replace them with an avenue of English oaks.

The scheme was instigated and funded by the Friends of Millhouses Park.

Many thanks are due to all our sponsors, particularly the Big Lottery Changing Spaces Community Spaces fund and the South West Community Assembly, to the Parks and Countryside staff, Community Forestry Officers, and to the numerous Friends of Millhouses Park who have worked so hard on this project.

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Oak Tree Planting a Huge Success

Here’s some photos from the planting of our new avenue of Oak Trees to replace the old Poplars which were life-expired and very rotten inside.

The negative Safety Report on the line of Poplars, three years ago, was confirmed when they were felled revealing extensive rot in the centres of several trees.

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New Oak Avenue Planting

Thursday 3rd November, 10:30 – 12:30

Holly Barnes, our Community Forestry Development Officer will be at the planting of our new oak avenue!

The old Poplars near the skate park had become fragile and dangerous with the risk of large branches breaking off, particularly in high winds. Once the felling is complete they are being replaced with an avenue of English Oaks either side of the next path along towards the car park.
The Oaks will mature into majestic trees with rugged bark and large spreading crowns. They are native and are traditionally seen in the English Countryside. They are long lived and are important for insects and other wildlife.
The replacement of the old poplars with English Oaks is part of the “Old Playground Regeneration Programme” instigated and funded by FoMP from a Community Spaces grants programme and the Community Assembly and delivered in partnership with Sheffield City Council.

Click the link for a PDF: Millhouses Avenue Tree Planting Poster

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End of an Era – The Poplars

This is the last autumn that these poplars will see – so make the most of their majesty as they put on their finest display!

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Community Willow and Tree Planting

Live Willow Tunnels & Dens along with the planting of Ginkgo, pollution absorbing “Dinosaur” trees!

Click the link below for the report…

Community Partnership Report

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Community Policing

Our Community Support Officers do a fantastic job supporting the friends and helping the park users…

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February Half Term Events!

Two great events are happening in our park in the week starting February 20th!

1) The Living Willow Den Building – Planting and weaving LIVING willow play dens and tunnels on 21st and 22nd February. EVERYONE can get involved!

2) Community Tree Planting – Heavy standard tree planting along the ‘race-course’ fencing in the top of the park on 22nd February. Willing helpers of all ages welcome!

Click HERE for more information (this will launch a PDF file).

February Activities

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New Willow Dens Planting!

On February 21st and 22nd, the Friends of Millhouses Park will be running a two-day event to create a new play feature on the grass area adjacent to the Splash Park. Together with local volunteers, including people of all ages, we will be planting and weaving a network of living willow play dens and tunnels.

Living willow structures are currently growing in popularity throughout the world in children’s play areas, schools, gardens and parks. They are simple and fun to plant and build (weave) and offer people of all ages a chance to work creatively with natural living materials. After planting the willow will continue to grow, producing leaves and new shoots that can be woven back into the structure. The ‘living’ nature of the dens and tunnels offer an attractive and exciting natural variation on traditional non-living play equipment that has a real appeal for children and adults.

The Planting and weaving of the structures will take place during a school half term in February 2010, which is the best time for planting willow. With support from a willow expert with experience in teaching people of all ages how to plant and weave willow into different shapes volunteers will be able to make the most of this as a learning experience.

If you would like to participate in the event or are just curious to find out more please contact Tom Tay (


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Tree Planting!

As you know we won a grant from the Assembly for a row of trees to be planted along the ‘race course fence’ at the south end of the Park – the aim being to protect park visitors, especially children, from traffic fumes.

Holly Barnes has suggested that the planting takes place on 22nd of Feb (half term) and one other day that week.  It is important we get as many local people involved as possible.  The events will be a master class in tree planting.  You don’t have to come digging holes and stuff, just being there and taking photos, handing round the hot toddies etc is enough.

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