Milly Jam 2012 Results


1st Luke Frost

2nd Oliver Meads

3rd Oliver Steez Fletcher

Under 12 Skateboard

1st – Matthew Bikoumou

2nd – Harrison Hague

3rd – Matt Gray

Under 12 BMX

1st – Elliot Beeden

2nd – Edward Sweeney

3rd – George Spivey

High hop – flat

Tom Kilcoyne

High Ollie – Flat

Will Lester

High Hop – Bank

Sam Ward

High Ollie – Bank

Will Lester

12-18 Skate

1st – Will Lester

2nd – Jack Wainwright

3rd – Jay Bex

Best trick – Will Lester’s Ollie over the back rail

12-18 BMX

1st – Jamie Shipston

2nd – Jack Wordsworth

3rd – Dan Bellamy

Over 18 Skate

1st – Shaun Currie

2nd – Rowan Murray

3rd – Steve Watson

Over 18 BMX

1st – Ross Jarman

2nd – Jordan Waters

3rd – Lloyd Jones

Best Trick – Oggie’s 3rd way out ‘the park

Credits & Thanks

All the competitors & spectators

Bike Tree, Simple Skate Store, The House Skatepark, Slide Boardstore, Slugger Skate Shop, J E James & Edinburgh Bikes, Custom Built and SW Community Assembly for prizes

James Folkes – PA/Sound System, High Jump & Trophy engineer

Eds Astill – PA & Recycle Bike Doctor

Toby Jenkinson – Registration & fixer

Joe Ward – 2012 T-shirt design, Scooter & High hop/ollie trophies

Sam Ward – BMX trophies, dedication & Marley’s Mellow Mood

House Rob for support, loan of the generator & judging with Joe 90

Tom Blyth for making the trip over to judge BMX

Joel Culf ON THE MIC! & BMX judging

Will ‘Oh my God’ Lester on the Mic & skate judging

Jason Bamford, Tom Peters, Tom Kilcoyne, Steve Watson & Jamie Shipston – input & support

Ross Karime on the Mic

Kate Stow & Friends of Millhouses Park – funding and support

June Burke at Sheffield City Council

Matthew Rush & Tammy Barrass at Sheffield Community Assembly

Everyone else who pitched in to make it an amazing day

Bring on Milly Jam 2013!


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