Milly Jam 2013 a HUGE Success!

Milly Jam 2013 was a massive success! Thank you to all who came along to enjoy the day!

The results of the competition are:


1st Oliver Fletcher

2nd Luke Frost

3rd Joe Thorpe


Under 14 Skateboard

1st – Barnaby Conroy

2nd – Sol Conroy

3rd – Olivier Bikoumou


Under 14 BMX

1st – Arek Tatulinksi

2nd – Jay Green (+Best trick)

3rd – Ed Sweeney


High hop – flat

Joe Prestwood


High Ollie – Flat

Did not run (but we know it would be Will Lester)


High Hop – Bank

Dan Bellamy


High Ollie – Bank

Will Lester


14-18 Skate

1st – Jay Bex

2nd – Marcus Keaveney

3rd – Joe Keaveney



14-18 BMX

1st – Dan Bellamy (+Best trick)

2nd – Michael Roper

3rd – Madison Hay

Best trick – Oliver Simpson


Over 18 Skate

1st – Shaun Currie

2nd – Will Lester

3rd – Jake Wainwright


Over 18 BMX

1st – Ross Jarman

2nd – Chris Fairest

3rd – Harry

Best Trick – Bobby Skinn, BUD BMX Streetest – Brandon Steele


Credits & Thanks

All the skaters, riders and everyone who came to watch

Waller BMX, Bike Tree, J E James & BUD BMX for BMX prizes

The House, Slugger & Lives & Levels for skate prizes

The House for Scooter prizes

Custom Built Extensions for the cash & Onboard for the vouchers

James Folkes – PA/Sound System, High Jump & Trophy engineer

Ed Astill – PA/Sound system

Toby Jenkinson – Registration & fixer

Cath & Cass – T-shirt sales/child minders

Josh Bedford & Wisdom Print Makers – T shirt design & print

Joe Ward/Smalley– 2013 logo

Sam Ward – BMX trophies & Marley’s Mellow Mood

Joel Culf MC & BMX judging

Will Lester on the Mic & skate judging

June Burke at Sheffield City Council

Friends of Millhouses Park

Everyone else who pitched in to make it an amazing day


Milly Jam 2014 anyone?


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