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Trinity Day Care Trust Visit

We had a fantastic card from Sally at the Trinity Day Care Trust:

“I thought you might like to take this photo to the next volunteer’s meeting. It shows some members of Trinity Day Care Trust with wives and helpers.

We enjoyed a stroll through the park reminiscing about the old days there and noting the recent developments and improvements. Everyone commented on how lovely the park looks, especially at the moment with the profusion of colour and the beauty of the wild flower gardens.

The eight wheelchair users easily got round the sensory garden, and while the culinary experts were crushing, sniffing and naming, others were merely dreaming of Sunday dinner!

The time and effort put in by you and the other volunteers is noted, and is very much appreciated. Thank you.”

Trinity Day Care Trust


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Duck Raced!

A very big thanks to all who helped make yesterdays Duck Race successful, I hope you will see from the attached pictures the magic of our little Fish Pass Stream continues to captivate, involve, entertain and bring a smile to a very many faces and add that little something extra to a day out in Millhouses Park.

Donations for the day were £84 which are going towards the Central Climbing/Balancing/sliding block that is to be restored for another 10 years popular use.

We will be running again over August Bank Holiday with the permission of the British Weather.

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Balsam Bashed!

Our Balsam bashing team worked hard today to rid the River Sheaf of the invasive Himalayan Balsam! Well done, guys!

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Balsam Bashers Needed!

Monday 29th July – 1000 Café – Bring Gloves – We need to pick it now before the seeds burst!

Balsam along the margins of the river through the park again this year. After a blitz 2 years ago there was far less last year and we managed to keep on top of it without help. I suspect that this “crop” was washed down from further up with the flooding this year. I have arranged for the Rangers and Ziggy (environmental Officer) to help on Monday 29th July to help. I would be grateful if you could join us. We will meet at 10 am at the cafe. We may need to work over lunch so bring sustenance if required. I will supply coffee and biscuits. We hope to litter pick the river and margins at the same time depending on time and numbers so if you have waterproof footwear all the better. Hope to see you if you can make it. 

Balsam Infestation

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Duck Race and Zorbing!

The Friend of Millhouses Park Great Annual Duck Race will take place this year on SATURDAY 3rd AUGUST at 10:00 on the FISH PASS!

Friends Of Millhouses Park Duck Race

This year, in collaboration with ACTIVITY SHEFFIELD, there will also be ZORB BALLS and a CLIMBING TOWER in the NORTH FIELD (between the Main Car Park and the Skate Park). Why not come along and challenge yourself?

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Mill Building Door Opening

Today saw the first opening of the Small Mill Building to a group of invited guests.
It’s been a labour of love to save this old lady from dereliction and decay, but she’s now safe and waiting for a new and exciting use!








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Sensory Garden Fence Renewal

Before two days hard physical work passes into another memory can I thank everyone who contributed to the project in what has become the norm for projects in the park, rain! I think you will agree the outcome both looks good and more functional than our original construction. Do please pass on my thanks to those whose e-mail I do not have.

Special thanks for the Sheffield Rangers Team and Chris Dinsdale for their practical leadership, Millhouses Bowling Club for the contribution which funded the work and Pete Stow who organised and led the event.

Thank you all … I hope the muscles all heal soon!

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Milly Jam 2013 a HUGE Success!

Milly Jam 2013 was a massive success! Thank you to all who came along to enjoy the day!

The results of the competition are:


1st Oliver Fletcher

2nd Luke Frost

3rd Joe Thorpe


Under 14 Skateboard

1st – Barnaby Conroy

2nd – Sol Conroy

3rd – Olivier Bikoumou


Under 14 BMX

1st – Arek Tatulinksi

2nd – Jay Green (+Best trick)

3rd – Ed Sweeney


High hop – flat

Joe Prestwood


High Ollie – Flat

Did not run (but we know it would be Will Lester)


High Hop – Bank

Dan Bellamy


High Ollie – Bank

Will Lester


14-18 Skate

1st – Jay Bex

2nd – Marcus Keaveney

3rd – Joe Keaveney



14-18 BMX

1st – Dan Bellamy (+Best trick)

2nd – Michael Roper

3rd – Madison Hay

Best trick – Oliver Simpson


Over 18 Skate

1st – Shaun Currie

2nd – Will Lester

3rd – Jake Wainwright


Over 18 BMX

1st – Ross Jarman

2nd – Chris Fairest

3rd – Harry

Best Trick – Bobby Skinn, BUD BMX Streetest – Brandon Steele


Credits & Thanks

All the skaters, riders and everyone who came to watch

Waller BMX, Bike Tree, J E James & BUD BMX for BMX prizes

The House, Slugger & Lives & Levels for skate prizes

The House for Scooter prizes

Custom Built Extensions for the cash & Onboard for the vouchers

James Folkes – PA/Sound System, High Jump & Trophy engineer

Ed Astill – PA/Sound system

Toby Jenkinson – Registration & fixer

Cath & Cass – T-shirt sales/child minders

Josh Bedford & Wisdom Print Makers – T shirt design & print

Joe Ward/Smalley– 2013 logo

Sam Ward – BMX trophies & Marley’s Mellow Mood

Joel Culf MC & BMX judging

Will Lester on the Mic & skate judging

June Burke at Sheffield City Council

Friends of Millhouses Park

Everyone else who pitched in to make it an amazing day


Milly Jam 2014 anyone?

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Climbing Wall Theft

Over the past 10 days 67 handholds on the rear of the Climbing Wall in the playground have been stolen as well as other damage in the park … the sign for the kiosk of the Café bent out, new graffiti, and fences round the Sensory Garden and the trellis  in the arch entrance smashed. The cost for the hand holds will be a couple of hundred pounds, the Sensory Garden five hundred pounds and this is money that we have to raise – I have no need to tell you getting money is extremely difficult these days, there is no money available from the Council. The Bowling Club is very generously donating £250 towards the Sensory Garden repairs.

Would all members, when in the park, please keep eyes open for suspicious people or damage being caused and phone it in to the police on 101. Alternatively let us know on this account. Unless we want our park to deteriorate again to the way it was 7 years ago we must all be vigilant!

Climbing Wall 3

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Milly Jam 2013

Don’t forget it’s Milly Jam 2013 on Saturday 8th June. The forecast is for blue skies and scorching temperatures so it should be a great day for the whole family!

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