Climbing Wall Theft

Over the past 10 days 67 handholds on the rear of the Climbing Wall in the playground have been stolen as well as other damage in the park … the sign for the kiosk of the Café bent out, new graffiti, and fences round the Sensory Garden and the trellis  in the arch entrance smashed. The cost for the hand holds will be a couple of hundred pounds, the Sensory Garden five hundred pounds and this is money that we have to raise – I have no need to tell you getting money is extremely difficult these days, there is no money available from the Council. The Bowling Club is very generously donating £250 towards the Sensory Garden repairs.

Would all members, when in the park, please keep eyes open for suspicious people or damage being caused and phone it in to the police on 101. Alternatively let us know on this account. Unless we want our park to deteriorate again to the way it was 7 years ago we must all be vigilant!

Climbing Wall 3


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