Balsam Bashers Needed!

Monday 29th July – 1000 Café – Bring Gloves – We need to pick it now before the seeds burst!

Balsam along the margins of the river through the park again this year. After a blitz 2 years ago there was far less last year and we managed to keep on top of it without help. I suspect that this “crop” was washed down from further up with the flooding this year. I have arranged for the Rangers and Ziggy (environmental Officer) to help on Monday 29th July to help. I would be grateful if you could join us. We will meet at 10 am at the cafe. We may need to work over lunch so bring sustenance if required. I will supply coffee and biscuits. We hope to litter pick the river and margins at the same time depending on time and numbers so if you have waterproof footwear all the better. Hope to see you if you can make it. 

Balsam Infestation


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