New Willow Dens Planting!

On February 21st and 22nd, the Friends of Millhouses Park will be running a two-day event to create a new play feature on the grass area adjacent to the Splash Park. Together with local volunteers, including people of all ages, we will be planting and weaving a network of living willow play dens and tunnels.

Living willow structures are currently growing in popularity throughout the world in children’s play areas, schools, gardens and parks. They are simple and fun to plant and build (weave) and offer people of all ages a chance to work creatively with natural living materials. After planting the willow will continue to grow, producing leaves and new shoots that can be woven back into the structure. The ‘living’ nature of the dens and tunnels offer an attractive and exciting natural variation on traditional non-living play equipment that has a real appeal for children and adults.

The Planting and weaving of the structures will take place during a school half term in February 2010, which is the best time for planting willow. With support from a willow expert with experience in teaching people of all ages how to plant and weave willow into different shapes volunteers will be able to make the most of this as a learning experience.

If you would like to participate in the event or are just curious to find out more please contact Tom Tay (



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