Playground Regeneration

From a derelict site of many years the awarding of a Community Spaces grant has transformed the area into the busiest place in the park on probably the busiest day I have ever known it.

The Gym, the Cycle Park and Oaks plus a sustainability grant from Community Spaces for Milly Jam has seen a fantastic day, adopted by the SW Community Assembly and supported by our PCSO. Totally transformed with a cross section of ages and backgrounds … One of the best projects we have achieved to date. About 1000 people in one area at one time is quite an achievement within 6 months of the project finishing.

Congratulations to all those involved Kate, Geoff & Cath, Toby and Carolyn, Tammy & Matthew, Nicola ……. Brilliant, just brilliant and thanks on behalf of everyone in the community who has benefitted from your labour.

Please pass on my admiration to the guy on the microphone, how he kept going so long, I will never know.

John Brighton, Friends of Millhouses Park Secretary


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