New Willow Play Features

A living willow play feature consisting of three willow domes (approx. 2 metres tall x 2m diameter) with two willow tunnels  (1.2m height and 5m length) joining the domes to be planted within the new fenced off children’s play area, adjacent to the new fence running behind Ryan’s Memorial.

Living willow structures are currently growing in popularity throughout the world in children’s play areas, schools, gardens and parks. They are simple and fun to plant and build (weave) and offer people of all ages a chance to work creatively with natural living materials. After planting the willow will continue to grow producing leaves and new shoots that can be woven back into the structure.

The planting and weaving of the structures will take place on a weekend in February 2010, the optimal time of year to allow the willow to take root. The willow will be sourced locally and a number of options are currently being considered with a view to achieving the best value for money and quality. Currently exploring most appropriate product for ground cover within structures – Andy Varley has offered wood chips free of charge.



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