Water Facilities

Millhouses Park has always been famous in Sheffield for it’s Water Attractions. Many of you may remember the infamous Lido, or maybe the paddling pools!

We now have some exciting new water facilities, designed and installed for the 21st century.

SPLASH water play – turn the Archemedes Screw and bring water up from the sump, open and close sluice gates to allow water to flow, jump on the giant button to see how high you can make the fountain go, swing on the see-saw and make the rain-tree spin and sprinkle! (Funding raised by Sheffield City Council and Friends of Millhouses Park – see Sponsors page for details).

FISH LADDER – built to replace the old paddling pools which had fallen into disrepair. A rocky stream designed to match the natural habitat and encourage fish to swim upstream (something that was impossible before due to the weirs built on the main river).

BOATING LAKE – “Come in number 2, your time is up!” Hire a paddle boat and enjoy traditional fun in the boating lake, or come down to one of the meetings of the Sheffield Ship Model Society to see beautiful model sailing ships, speedboats and even submarines!

RIVER SHEAF – Let’s not forget the River which gave Sheffield it’s name! A clearing in the woods next to the River Sheaf – Sheaf-feld. A beautiful, winding, rocky river which runs the full length of the park.

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