Proposed Improvements

Projects for the park in planning

Heart Health Walk

A circular Health Walk, starting at the Café, round the park marked by posts every 100 metres to help all back to health after Heart Surgery.

Roger Hart

Orienteering Course

Three orienteering courses are being prepared by for us by South Yorkshire Orienteer’s which will be marked by posts throughout the park. The maps/courses will be downloadable from our website

Dean Maragh

Bees in the Park

A permanent bee hive area is to be built in the park, initially three hives, and will be managed by The Friends in conjunction with an upgrade of the toilet block by the Bowling Club to provide better toilets, a store room and changing room. Working in partnership with Millhouses Bowling Club.

Michelle Guite

Children’s Climbing block upgrade

This large & popular piece of equipment for younger children in the playground is looking tired and many parts in need of replacement. We have been faced with the dilemma that it is getting to the stage that if any  major work is needed SWW would remove it totally from the park. Over the last year options have been investigated with an option of having the original suppliers taking everything back to their factory and giving it a mid life refresh. This should extend its life by up to 10 years. The price tag is £5,000 which we are working on.

Anna Granfield

Skate Park Improvements

Skate park users have asked about the possibility of installing a half-pipe. This is currently under discussion and announcements will be made on the website when any plans are made.