The Mill and it’s Future

Take a look at our video to see progress so far on the Small Mill Building!

Our mill is the oldest remaining water mill site in the City. However, it finished its working life in the 1940s and the buildings were unoccupied for a number of years and the smaller building was in danger of falling down.

We, in collaboration with Carterknowle and Millhouses Community Group, we were awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund of £50,000. This was to restore the small building in preparation for its re-use as community centre, incorporating a committee room, function room, kitchen and toilet.

Click here for pictures of the official launch.

Click here for newspaper articles on the launch. 

Click here for the KEY OPENING of the small building!

We are indebted to Eastwood and Partners for their survey, David Dean Roofing for his advice on the roof, Barlow Group Ltd. for project costing and for the partnership working with various City Council Departments through a stakeholders forum chaired by the Community Assembly.

For the longer term, we are building a partnership with Sheffield City Council to bring the whole group of buildings and its immediate archaeological surrounding, back into appropriate use

Click HERE to see the proposals for the Mill Building Site!

We would welcome anyone interested in our heritage to contact us, particularly if you think you have a skill that will help us see this project through to completion.

The energy survey on the Mill Buildings was funded by the Big Lottery Fund Community Sustainable Energy Programme delivered via BRE.

Information about the Mill Buildings and the potential for investment in renewable energy

Glasshouse Report on the Mill Buildings and their future


3 responses to “The Mill and it’s Future

  1. Mary Bagley

    Brilliant work on the small mill building. Well done to everyone for seeing the vision and getting the first steps completed. Very impressed. Mary

  2. Hi what’s happening to the Mill at present? Is it still in community ownership?

  3. Suggest you put your group on this website and talk to them about your current problems as they may be able to push it when they have their regular meetings with SCC. You are not alone in your predicament.

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