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1841 Census Extract

The aim is to list the residents of Millhouses from the first census forms of 1841 to 1901, publishing one decade each quarter.

I have assumed that the hamlet of Millhouses stretched along the toll road from Holt House to Woodend and up Millhouses Lane to Pingle Head.

To make this manageable, the list will not include residents from roads built after 1841 – these can be added at a later date.

Millhouses in 1830s

 1841 Millhouses Census Data in households

Linley Samuel 30 scythe manufacturer, Elizabeth +John 10, Sarah 7, Peter 5, Samuel 4m &Ann Reed 20 Ser

Darwent Sarah 20 6, Thomas 2.

Charles Burkinshaw 10

Serv. James Lee 20 Serv. Mary Croby10 Serv.

Brighton John (1) cutler 60, John (2) scythe maker25. Milly 25 + James 7, William 3, Sarah 1.

Darwent Christopher Labourer 20, Martha + John 3, Jacob 1.

Clark Samuel wheelwright 50 + Selena 50.

Bladen Joseph coach maker 35, Mary Pearson 30, Thomas Bonssall 35 labourer.

Downing Ann farmer & publican 35 + John 15, Eliza 10, Sarah 10, George 9, Teresa

Saxton John corn miller 35, Sarah 30 + George 10. Ann 9, Mary 6, Emma 3.

MooreThomas corn miller 40, Sarah 40 + William 15, Catherine 10, Charles 8.

Darwent William miller & flour dealer 30 Margaret 25 + William 9m.Elizabeth Moor 15 F Sservant

Millhouses Lane

Bartin Thomas farmer 50 + William 15.

Wall James Ind 40,Jane55 + Hannah 6. Mary Watson 15, Eliza Wormington 15, Hannah Broadhead 65,

Ogden Catherine 50. Ellen 20, James 1.

Gill Mary Farmer 51, John 25 farm helper. Robert 20 farm helper, Sarah 10.Hannah Townend 15 F.S. Thomas Wilburn 10 M.S. William Ibberson 15.

Thompson Sarah 25, John Yhompson 25 Scythe grinder, William 20 do., + Michael 10.

Rodger Joseph 60 Scythe Maker,Hannah 60 + Ellen 7.

Hodgkinson Joshua 60 Millwright, Mariah 55.

Millicent Hodgkinson 20, William 50, Ann 10, Jane 10.

Holt House

Wragg George 55 Farmer.

Aldom William 20 Solicitor, Hannah Toplis 50 F Serv,Sarah Marshal F.Serv John Hibberd 15 M. Serv

Martin John 50 Scythe Maker, Anne 55 +Ann 10, Joseph 20 table blade grinder, Mary 20 , Joseph, Mary

Norton Hammer

Barron James 50 nursery seedsman, Sarah 50, Charlotte 5m.

Cartwright George 50 atnd, Mary 45.               Marriot Samuel 60 Farmer, Ann 36, Samuel 25 Farmer

1841 Summary

99 residents in 23 houses. The households appear to be listed from Wood End to Holt House,


Scythe manufacturer 1, (probably a wholesaler)

Scythe maker 3, Scythe grinder 1 Cutler 1, Table knife grinder – these would have worked at Bartin or Moscar wheels.

Millers  1 tenant, 2 operatives, 1 millwright from the census forms, it would appear that the tenant lived in Millhouse.

Wheelwright 1, Coachmaker1

Farmers 5,  Nursery Seedsman 1. Labourers  3

Servants 9

Publican 1 at Wagon and Horses. (Enos Brown of the Robin Hood does not appear till 1851)

Solicitor 1 at Holt House, Independent means 1

Description of Millhouses

The hamlet is almost as it had been for centuries, housing craftsmen working in the two mills and a few farmers; just a hint of its impending transformation in the form of a scythe wholesaler, a man of independent means and a solicitor, who did not stay. No shops – just one pub. There were three millers and one millwright living in four houses with their families. Probably two of them would have actually run the mill, while the third, William Darwent aged 30, who is the miller listed in the rent books ( describing himself on the census as a miller and flour merchant) would have run the business side, buying and selling corn and flour in the Corn Exchange in the middle of Sheffield. In the 1841 Sheffield Directory, he, and his brother Charles (living elsewhere)  have a warehouse at 76 South Street, Also in Millhouses are Christopher Darwent aged 20 wth his wife Martha and two sons; in a third house is Sarah Darwent, servant, of the same age.


One response to “Census Information

  1. Michael Hardy

    In 1841 Ann Downing, nee Lingard, was publican of the Robin Hood & Little John, not the Waggon & Horses. She had been publican of the beerhouse since 1822 when the Inn was established (part of a farm?) to take advantage of passing trade on the new turnpike from Sheffield to Baslow. Her husband, George Downing died in 1839 but she continued as farmer & publican until around 1848 when Enos brown took over as landlord. Ann’s son George Downing married my great grand aunt Sarah Slater, daughter of Fire Brick Maker Joseph Slater who came to Millhouses in the late 1840s (see “Joshua” Slater in 1851 Census) – he made bricks for Enos Brown & Henry Hunt at Wood End (on site of what became Marriott Wood Brick Works.

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