Playground upgrade

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Many of you will have seen the very sorry state of the playground. We are devastated that due to the age of the climbing frame it was not possible to repair it when it was vandalised during lockdown and the Council have removed the entire unit, leaving the playground in a very poor state. In the current economic climate it is going to be extremely difficult to find sources of funding to help restore the playground to its former glory, so we desperately need your help. Please donate whatever you can so that once again every child can enjoy hours and hours of free fun in the park.
You can donate here,


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2 responses to “Playground upgrade

  1. Felicity

    So many people have no idea about why the climbing frame was removed. This is probably the most affluent area of Sheffield and yet the efforts made to crowdfund this are minimal. Why not have (laminated) posters up? a running total? Information on the cafe windows? I have spoken to countless local friends who had no idea they could donate or needed to

    • friendsofmillhousespark

      Hi Felicity, thanks for contacting us. The details of the removal and our crowdfunding have been widely shared via our website, Facebook page, to all members of the Friends of Millhouses Park, and in the newsletters of the local community group too, reaching thousands of people. You will see the running total on the donation page when you click through. The Council had put up posters in the playground explaining why the frame was removed, but they may not have remained in place for long – we have always had a very poor experience from using posters in the park – they succumb to theft and vandalism almost immediately.

      Covid restrictions have made it difficult to have any more hands-on advertising safely undertaken, but the response so far has been good, and with dedicated support from people like yourself we will hopefully reach more people willing to donate. Please do feel free to share the link and the background information from the post as widely as you can. If you would be interested in joining the Friends of Millhouses Park, please sign up via our website.

      Kind Regards

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