SPLASH! Waterplay Works Extended

The improvements to the drainage at SPLASH! Waterplay will be continuing for slightly longer than planned. This means that the attraction will remain closed for approximately 10 days. The improvements will mean that the drainage system does not become clogged with silt and debris, so we’ll have cleaner water and the facility will be able to stay open longer without the drains being unblocked – so it’s definitely worth the time being spent here!

SPLASH! should be open in time for the decent weather that we’re all looking forward to! In the mean time, don’t forget to come back here regularly to check for updates!



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4 responses to “SPLASH! Waterplay Works Extended

  1. Laura

    Is the splash back open again?

    • “The work on Splash is almost complete and the architect is speaking to the contractor about signing off the work shortly. There is a meeting tomorrow morning with the contractor and I’m hoping they have good news for us. However, they need to demonstrate to us that the modifications work as intended as we don’t want to have to close it again over summer because of another blockage. It is in their interests to get off site as soon as possible and they have been repeatedly told that Splash needs to be open as soon as possible, but they do need to do the job right…” Watch the website for further details – we’ll notify people as soon as the facility reopens…

  2. helen b

    is it open now?

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