Family Outdoor Gym!

Two years ago, when we set about our Old Playground Regenerations Scheme, we planned to install a new Family Gym. This was opened as the summer holidays set in and there has not been a day or time that we have visited the park where the gym has not been in use – so much so that adults complained about not being able to get on for the children and young teenagers!

Now that the schools have gone back, and the park is a little less crowded, it was good to see the gym being used seriously by the whole range of people we were aiming to attract. This set of pictures demonstrates this admirably. Late September Sunshine and the park at its best!

Very soon the next phase of the redevelopment will be the felling of the life expired tall line of Poplars, which we are paying for as well as a replacement new avenue of English Oak on the adjacent footpath. Once this is done then a new kiddies undulating roadway will be built, on the old playground site, which, together with new posts, signs etc. will complete a £50k spend of monies raised by us and delivered by Sheffield City Council.

What a difference there is!


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