Trip Advisor Reviews

Here’s two reviews from  that will show how far we’ve come…

The first – from January 2002 (no name given)…

Once the pride of the City encouraging folks to travel by the bus load in the summer from all over South Yorkshire, it is now reduced to a boggy run down mess due to lack of money.
The paddling pool is a derelict dangerous eyesore, where the out door swimming pool once was is now a levelled field of wild plants surrounding a few new toys for little children.
The car park in the winter is more like an off-road course and in summer is used by teenagers at night as a dirt race circuit.
We all hope one day it will return to it’s former glory.

Then this from June 2011 “Tracyw10, Sheffield”…

Safe, clean, nice to walk around, or even run if you fancy the exercise. there is a football net, bowling green, tennis court, cricket pitch, crazy golf, a stream, and now they have a water play area, where kids (and adults if you feel like it) of any age can have fun.

The stream has recently been re-done over the last year or so, and now it looks fantastic. I would say though is that people like to paddle in it and it isn’t particularly friendly to your feet because of all the rocks, but it doesn’t seem to stop people.

I haven’t used the cafe there, but always see people sitting out side watching their families play and they have bistro nights most summer months.

Would highly recommend you visit if you haven’t done so already!

And from August 2011 “Jetsec, Rotherham”:

I haven’t visited Millhouses Park for quite a few years but I took my 2 year old on Saturday morning and we had a great time. There is so much to keep the little ones entertained and a fantastic (but a little expensive) cafe where we sat outside and ate our breakfast. A lovely way to spend a few hours and will definitely be going again.

We need more people to review Millhouses Park at Trip Advisor! Go on… …review the park – you know you want to!!!



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