Cliffhanger Duck Race!

Another fantastic duck race at Cliffhanger 2011! Check out these amazing pictures which catch the atmosphere of the races brilliantly!

The second year Executive Member Christine Gunby has organised and run the Cliffhanger Free Duck Race. So much simple fun for some 2000 people – double the numbers of last year. After the races all the ducks have to be washed, disinfected and dried ready for next year; a process that can takes weeks after the event. It took 20 members of the friends to keep everything running and all of us were totally shattered by Sunday evening!

The friends took the postcodes of the entrants in the Duck Race – click the link below to see the results! Millhouses Park truly is a destination park!

Click HERE for some amazing pictures from Ted and Christine – thanks guys!

Visitors data – July 2011


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  1. Loved the duck race again this year. Solomon really enjoyed catching the ducks with Pete at the end of the race. I don’t think too many escaped!

    Julie Maragh
    The Watershed, Online Canoe Outlet

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