Cliffhanger Weekend!

Cliffhanger is in the park this weekend – so don’t forget that there is a charge to enter the park on both Saturday and Sunday of £6 for adults, £1 for accompanied children with under 4s having free entry.




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2 responses to “Cliffhanger Weekend!

  1. john sephton

    Closing a public park then charging for admittance is immoral and a disgrace. £14 for a family to use a PUBLIC park???!!! On a hot Sunday, Millhouses Park is ideal for kids with it’s fabulous new water facilities and great playground. But to pay to admittance? What other Sheffield festival closes a public place then charges to enter? Peace in the park? No. Tramlines? Certainly not. Sharrow festival? Never. I can’t think of any.

    Don’t ever do that again.

    • Hi John,
      Sorry to hear that you’re unhappy about the charges applied during the Cliffhanger Event. Cliffhanger is a major international annual event, hosted by Millhouses Park since 2007. It brings a huge amount to the park, including the provision of new play equipment (such as the climbing wall in the playground) as well as a large amount of attention which helps to ensure the maintenance of the improvements you’ve been seeing. This year they’re helping to fund even more great facilities which you will see added to the park over the coming months. Next year, we have also been permitted by Cliffhanger to use their huge ‘big top’ to host ‘Music in the Park’ which will be a free event just before the event weekend – watch this space for details and confirmation! As for events which use public spaces and charge admission, ‘After Dark’ (Don Valley Bowl) and ‘Art in the Gardens’ (Botanic Gardens) will both charge entrance fees this year. It’s great to hear that you’re pleased with the improvements that the Friends of Millhouses Park has driven through over the past few years and hopefully you’ll continue to use these fantastic facilities for the other 51 weekends of the year where there is no charge for entrance!
      Richard (Webmaster)

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