Milly Jam 2015

Milly Jam is back on the 6th June 2015 courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood regulars with the backing of Friends of Millhouses Park. Thanks very much to all those people doing their bit to make this happen.

Plan is pretty much the same as last year but if it rains we’ll try and delay until the day or weekend after.

Registration will be 10am onwards at the skate park

Rough Plan from then (timings very approximate):
11.00 – Scooter Jam
11.30 – Pre-teen Skateboard
12.00 – Pre-teen bmx/bike
12-2pm – High hop/Ollie
2.00 – Teens Skateboard
2.30 – Teens bmx/bike
3.00 – Teen+ Skateboard
3.30 – Teen+ bmx/bike

– Joel Culf on the mic for BMX
– I’ve press ganged Will Lester’s back on the mic for skate
– James Folkes is on sound/pa system with help from Ed Astill
– Toby J will be handling registration duties
– Prizes: We’ve been begging for prizes from all the local businesses who have provided us with such good support in the past: The House, Slugger, Lives & Levels, Waller BMX, J E James & Onboard
– The comp’s been won for this year’s limited edition T-shirts which we’ll sell to to help cover costs and hopefully raise funds towards further improvements to the skate park
– St John’s first aiders will be on hand in case you scuff your knees

Milly Jam 2013 Planned!

Milly Jam 2013 will be taking place on 8th June (15th June if it rains).

Format and timings will be similar to last year and once again, we’re running a competition to come up with this year’s logo/t-shirt design. The winner gets a T shirt featuring their design. Designs should be submitted as hi-res files on the Milly Jam facebook wall – deadline is 14th April!!

Milly Jam 2012 a HUGE success!

CLICK HERE to see some photos of the competition! Are you there? Why not leave a comment?

CLICK HERE for the full results listings!

Why not visit the  Milly Jam Facebook Wall ?

Milly Jam 2012

Click Here for full details!

Proposed Improvements to the Skate Park

Here are some proposed improvements to our skatepark!

Why not let us know what you think by registering and leaving a comment below, or by clicking ‘contact’ in the links list above?

Click the links below to see the plans! (PDF files)

Plan 1          Plan 2          Plan 3

2012 Milly Jam

Date(s) for Milly Jam 2012: Saturday 26th May (2nd June if it rains on the 26th)

2011 Milly Jam

Check out VIDEOS HERE!

(Please note that Friends of Millhouses Park are not responsible for web content which is not hosted on our site).

2 responses to “Skate!

  1. jl

    looks sick, would be great to see this go through!

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